"At the request of the Government of Peru, then of the Government of Bolivia, the United Nations sent, during the autumn of 1949, to these countries, a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the effects of chewing the coca leaf and the possibilities of limiting its production and controlling its distribution (see Bulletin on Narcotics, vol. I, no. 1, October 1949).

The Commission and its secretariat left New York on 10 September 1949 and returned on 4 December 1949. Its report was completed in May 1950." (United Nations, Office on Drugs and Crimes)

From 2018 to the present, I have visited some of the places that this commission visited to understand what has happened to the coca leaf and its consumption 70 years after the recommendations made by the United Nations to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia, to reduce the use and production of the coca leaf, until its use disappears.

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